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LLL Meets With FNT2T Knowledge Council

December 18, 2019

FNT2T Life Long Learning met with the Knowledge Council this week. LLL Circle Keeper, Donna Beyer, and LLL Researcher, Cayleen Mathews, updated the Knowledge Council on work to date and good dialogue around education was had by all.

Discussion included what should be taught in First Nations schools that strengthens youth identity, what further training should be offered to teachers in First Nations schools, and what other schools who serve First Nations (Indigenous) students are doing in their classrooms. The group also briefly discussed what educational partnership roles could look like and if these can be realized in the near future.

Another component to the afternoon was looking at transition plans for little ones (Prenatal to K). The question was asked: “What are communities doing to support the transition of little ones into a school environment?” We discussed more inter-sectoral coordination and the integration of community services as a means for promoting the developmental well-being of young children transitioning into schools versus all of these services working in silos.

The Knowledge Council shared that they feel there needs to be more treaty education in schools. And we looked at the vision for an Anishinaabek school that would focus on language and culture while also offering Western education.

It was a very good day of dialogue. And we look forward to having more of this important dialogue with our relations. Meegwetch!

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