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Knowledge Council key link to governance of FNT2T

January 10, 2020

Treaty 2 Territory – On Wednesday 8 January at their regular scheduled session the Knowledge Council met at the Council Lodge at the Government Building – Dauphin.  The agenda as usual was heavily focused on key discussions around governance and law development.  Each member opened the session up with their view on the current structure and moving forward.  There was reporting on the activities and events they have been part of which included the Blanket Exercise with the Dauphin Kings, Winter Youth Forum and Hockey Night in Treaty 2 Territory.

“The Blanket Exercise was a great perspective on how things have evolved the past couple hundred years and how our Government of FNT2T needs to continue such exercise with all our Local Nations”, said Chair Louis Malcolm, Ebb and Flow First Nation.

The Blanket exercise was conducted twice prior to the holidays with the Dauphin Kings and at the Winter Youth Forum by Phyllis Racette and Gladys Malcolm of Ebb and Flow. 

The last Council notes was reviewed and further discussion regarding the Anishinaabemowin K-4 School to open in Dauphin in September and a Territorial School system was discussed.  Meeting with Donna Beyer, LLL Keeper was well appreciated and referenced highly.

Chairperson Louis Malcolm reported that this quarter’s focus of course will be on Law Development and how the Local Nation Helpers being involved with the development and communications with each Local Nation will be helpful. He mentioned continued teachings with the Life Long Learning Lodge with talks on the past 40-50 years on governance and how Canada continues to strive towards control.  Canada’s Lands Management Act is a control over the Local Nations and the only way to gain back the sovereign and own self-governance is through our own FNT2T Government.

The Council in the afternoon was given updates on the relations and partnership with the Treaty Relations Commission of Manitoba (TRCM) by Allen Sutherland, Operations/LLLL Keeper. 

Each Local Nation Helper then made their quick report and presentation on where their Nation is at regarding law development and communications.  Each helper has been working on the laws through committees, open house discussions and creation of their website for solid openness.  They also have a direct link to their elected leaders and report to them on what is happening with the FNT2T government.  They have been part of the Nation Development Certification program at the Life Long Learning Lodge with Allen Sutherland as the lead instructor.

Lana Racette, Sports and Recreation Keeper made a report on the Winter Games 2020 in Pinaymootang 26-29 February and the current development of the Sports and Recreation through the Nation Development Circle.  The FNT2T Minor Hockey, Badminton and Basketball governing bodies will be born from the games.  The Games include four sports – Badminton, Basketball, Minor Hockey and Snowshoeing. The ages are from 12-17 years of age with the teams to be divided into four teams/directions.

Ray Mousseau, Communications and Language Keeper discussed with the Knowledge Council the key factors of the language camps and what has been reported to date is being more involved in the regular curriculum of the local schools.  He discussed the finishing of the camps this month and then a forum on language intergrading it locally and in the workplace throughout the territory.

The Knowledge Council finished with a round table discussion and the agenda next session which will include the Children, Families and Nation, Life Long Learning, Natural World law development and sessions at the LLL Lodge on ancestral laws.  They assured that they are very grateful for the Governing Council Chiefs for their support and the building of a solid Government for the FNT2T.

TOR – As referenced online:

The Knowledge Council provides recommendations and guide the Governing Council and Executive Council in their deliberations.  The Knowledge Holders/Keepers participate at all meetings to give their needed and valued guidance.

Governance review and order will come from the Knowledge Council.  The Council will assure we are following ancestral and modern laws and customs to move our Nation forward.

The Knowledge Council is made up of one (1) appointed member from each Local Nation within First Nations in Treaty 2 Territory.  The Knowledge Council are appointed by their Local Nation. The Chairperson of the Council is part of the Governing Council.

The Council meets monthly (First Wednesday of each month) or more when required.

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