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FNT2T meets with Pinaymootang leaders -Winter Games 2020 and future facility development

January 14, 2020

Treaty 2 Territory – The FNT2T met with Chief Garnet Woodhouse and his Council in Pinaymootang on Tuesday 14 January 2020.

The meeting was very informative and productive as the Local Nation of Pinaymootang is preparing to host the first ever FNT2T Winter Games within the Treaty 2 Territory.

“The Government of FNT2T and Pinaymootang are very proud to be hosting such a great inspiring event for our youth.  We have worked hard to create a government that is there for The Nation and the Winter Games will showcase this”, said Chief Garnet Woodhouse, Pinaymootang.

Ryan Sutherland, Corporations Keeper spent some time explaining the submission of the four (4) buildings with Pinaymootang First Nation (Local Nation).  The submission was made by FNT2T Corporations on behalf of PFN, which a full mandate was given by the Executive Council and ratification by the Governing Council. The buildings will be signed off, designed and built within the Local Nation. It was clearly explained that FNT2T has no further involvement other than making sure the dollars from the funders flow directly from the source to the Local Nation and that the use and rental of the facilities in the future will be by the FNT2T Government.  Councillor Ted Woodhouse mentioned that this was great for Pinaymootang and FNT2T.

The FNT2T Government is working on buildings aside from each Nations’ submission.  A Government building is being proposed to be built in Pinaymootang in the near future to house more FNT2T staff and its University/College. 

The action items from the meeting:

  • Portfolio Councillor to connect more with staff;
  • PFN to make sure all Councils and Committees have reps and they attend the meetings;
  • FNT2T Circle Keepers will report regularly through the Regional Offices, the Local Nation Helper will then connect with the PFN Chief and Council;
  • Create a workplan and have facilities ready for the Winter Games;
  • Sign off on the proposed PFN buildings – Resolutions and supporting documents.

Last modified: January 21, 2020

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