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FNT2T LLL Lodge moves forward with Keeper Allen Sutherland

January 16, 2020

Treaty 2 Territory – Allen Sutherland /Waabiskhi Mazinishin Mishtadim (White Spotted Horse), Anishinaabek Saulteaux member of Skownan First Nation (Treaty 2 Territory) and of the Bizhiw Doodem (Lynx Clan).

Allen had the opportunity of working within Indigenous, Federal and Provincial Governments, including grassroots community work for over 30 years. Allen provides facilitation and training under his own company of WHITE SPOTTED HORSE, Inc, where he is a sought-after resources person on the First Nation history and cultures of the Anishinaabe of Canada. Allen is a Registered Professional Trainer (RPT), Professional Certified Heritage Interpreter and a Certified Master Practitioner of Time Line Therapy.

Allen’s strong Anishinaabek roots run deep and always present, leaving him in the unique position of being a conduit between many diverse cultures.

Allen provides the Canadian Indigenous Cultural Historical Awareness with First Nations Historical Timeline Posters that he has created, it provides:

  • Information to clarify thinking and dispel myths and stereotypes about Indigenous Peoples of Canada.
  • Establishes linkages between historical events and present day issues.
  • It covers Indigenous history and culture, demographics and today’s social and legal issues, sovereignty and treaties, colonization, and traditional teachings and storytelling. 
  • The ultimate goal of learning the Indigenous perspective is to build a greater understanding and respect of the ‘Indigenous World View’.
  • It is about reconciliation and relationship building, ultimately leading to the return of First Nations Sovereignty.  

Allen is presently a member of the Speakers Bureau of the Treaty Relationships Commission of Manitoba and has been employed as of September 2019 as the Keeper of Circles and Life Long Learning Lodge Keeper for the Government of First Nations Treaty 2 Territory.  

Last modified: January 16, 2020

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