Nation-Based Sovereign-Based Government

Local Nation Helpers of the First Nations in Treaty 2 Territory

January 29, 2020

Treaty 2 Territory – With the new structure in place since the fall, our Local Nation Helpers are the key link to members and the FNT2T. They have been hired to fully communicate with members, elected leaders and our FNT2T Council reps. They have been really busy with training through our FNT2T Life Long Learning Lodge.

The primary purpose of the Local Nation Helper (LNH) position is to organize, and coordinate local meetings and work with a local governance committee in the development of a local Nation governance constitution. Secondly the LNH will also support the government and coordination for other meetings that are associated to law development. Thirdly, the LHN will be responsible to ensure the members of each Local Nation are informed of the meetings and that the information is communicated to the members regarding the FNT2T. 

ACCOUNTABILITY –The LNH is hired through the FNT2T Government however will work at the local First Nation level with the goal to establish local governance laws and coordinate meetings, gatherings, sessions etc. The LNH will work with and report to the FNT2T Governance Helper.  


  • Organizes, coordinates and facilitates governance development meetings, gatherings, sessions locally;
  • Supports the local Governance Committee by facilitating, coordinating their meetings, gatherings, sessions, and recording and reporting their meetings;
  • Supports and assists the FNT2T Governance Helper to develop outreach and communication strategies to facilitate community engagement, participation and knowledge on governance;
  • Gathers data locally to identify and understand the current status the community and support the establishment of a Nation portfolio;
  • Create a First Nation portfolio that is inclusive of all relevant information of the Nation for publication including website; 
  • Support meetings that involve in local law development by assisting their coordination and working collaboratively with other FNT2T staff;
  • Participate in Training as required by the FNT2T;
  • Full communication strategy locally and for the territory – members, elected leaders and the FNT2T administration through the regional offices;
  • Communications and coordination for the local FNt2T Council rep including all information, meetings and gatherings.
  • Travel as required. 


  • Facilitation skills to lead meetings, and provide information through public forums.
  • Communication skills to ensure the information is flowing to members broadly on and off the First Nation. 
  • Collaboration skills to work cooperatively with others and offer positive support. 
  • Motivation and enthusiasm to engage members to get involved in the development process and participate in the meetings. 
  • Encourage members to provide feedback and be informed of the drafts and development processes happening locally and on the territory level. 
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office, primarily word, excel, and power point, etc.
  • Open to learning and leading. 


  • Post-secondary degree or diploma in related field or equivalent work experience (e.g., Community Development, Administration, Governance, etc.) and/or other Training/Certificates.
  • Understanding of First Nations Rights, government and administration processes.
  • Understanding of provincial and federal governments.
  • Experience working and engaging the community leadership and membership.
  • Knowledge of the First Nation’s history and its current development and the First Nations in Treaty 2 Territory (history and current development).
  • Anishinaabemowin fluency is considered as asset. 

Each nation in the FNT2T currently have a Local Nation Helper (LNH) to carry out the duties as a LNH. Please feel free to say ‘hi’ to your local nation helper in your nation. Giche Miigwetch!

Last modified: January 29, 2020

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