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Ebb and Flow First Nation thanks Elder Louis Malcolm for Knowledge Sharing & Mentorship of Youth

February 1, 2020

It’s been a busy couple weeks for the Nation of Ebb and Flow. Our leadership continues to strengthen its relationship with Pine Creek First Nation as both communities venture together towards Urban Reserve Development in Dauphin. Progress continues with the gracious support of The City of Dauphin.

Our Nation has been extremely fortunate to have Elder Louis Malcolm sitting on the FNT2T Knowledge Council. Every meeting, Louis brings immeasurable wisdom and experience to the table and is very generous in sharing that knowledge with the young generations. Special thank you to Louis for his mentorship and guidance as he’s recently brought youth with him (to our learning sessions) to help educate them on the relationships of the Treaty and our collective pursuit to reclaim our inherent rights as Anishinaabe people.

Youth are excited to attend the FNT2T Winter Games in Pinaymootang in February. Participants will partake in Basketball, Hockey, Snowshoeing and Badminton. FNT2T is currently working with Ebb and Flow School to recruit youth to attend and participate in the Winter Games.

Language Sessions with FNT2T are scheduled to take place in the next couple of weeks. Dates and location will be announced once confirmed.

As the Local Nation Helper for Ebb and Flow First Nation, please be reminded that you are welcome to message me or drop by anytime. I’m located in the Band Office. In the meantime, please follow our Facebook Page at Engaging Ebb and Flow for all upcoming events and exciting contests.

Take care. Until next time……

Marlene Davis, Local Nation Helper

Last modified: February 1, 2020

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