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Dauphin River Local Nation Committee

February 11, 2020

Treaty 2 Territory – Dauphin River First Nation held a meeting with Local Nation committee. We discussed how to revive our Language and Culture ways of living off land, hands on with culture tradition foods, to show how to skin the moose and rabbits also fishing how to cut it. Snaring and how to trap.

The school will be making booklets Obijway language and will get the students to draw pictures what the word meaning in their language. Etc: animals, place and things. In class and outside while doing outdoors activities. Even adults will participate.

The goal is to revive the language what was talking away from us, our tongue was cut off. Now we want to claim it back. Before it’s all disappears. We have excellent knowledge holders that can teach the youth and adults. Some are fluent on the reserve and understand most of the words. That’s the plan what committee is doing and lots to do in the future to motivate the youth and encourage. Build them up maybe one day someone will become a chief in the future.

“Build a better tomorrow”

Yolanda Thompson, Local Nation Helper Dauphin River First Nation

Last modified: February 11, 2020

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