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Ebb and Flow First Nation Youth Excelling through Sport & Recreation

February 14, 2020

Treaty 2 Territory – Ebb and Flow First Nation is well known for the fine skills of many of our elite young men and women when it comes to the Sport of Volleyball. Ebb and Flow School, and it’s coaching staff are to be credited for the incredible advancement of those who participate. Recently, 3 young women from our Nation made the Agoojin Volleyball Club Roster. Congratulations to Jessa Houle, Kaydence Beaulieu-Houle, and Randie Houle for making the 16U Agoojin Team!! Agoojin Volleyball Club was founded in 2018 and is a Winnipeg-based Program to inspire, empower and develop the next generation of Indigenous Female and Two-Spirited Athletes; additionally, it helps prepare First Nation and Metis Volleyball athletes for post secondary competition through skill development and exposure.

Our Nation continues to help build our young people through sport and recreation opportunities. We have 30 youth registered for upcoming FNT2T Winter Games in Pinaymootang taking place from February 26th to March 1st. Participants will partake in Basketball, Hockey, Snowshoeing and Badminton. Youth are extremely excited and looking forward to the event where they will meet and compete alongside youth from other nations while bonding and building friendships.

In terms of Economic Development, meetings with Pine Creek First Nation, and the City of Dauphin continue as Ebb and Flow and Pine Creek continue their partnership on the First Nation Urban Development in Dauphin.

Ebb & Flow First Nation Onankonehkawin Committee will resume meeting in Mid-February to continue the development of our Nation’s Constitution. Progression was slowed down in recent weeks due to our Nation being hit quite intensely with the Flu. Last week, all public buildings including the school has to be closed down in an effort to disinfect and sanitize all spaces.

As the Local Nation Helper for Ebb and Flow First Nation, please be reminded that you are welcome to message me or drop by anytime. I’m located in the Band Office. In the meantime, please follow our Facebook Page at Engaging Ebb and Flow for all upcoming events and exciting contests.

Take care. Until next time……

Marlene Davis, Local Nation Helper

Last modified: February 14, 2020

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