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33 Participants from Ebb and Flow First Nation in Attendance at Treaty 2 Winter Games

February 27, 2020

On Wednesday, February 26th, 37 of our nation’s members left Ebb and Flow to head to Pinaymootang. 33 Youth from ages 12-17, and 4 Chaperones made the trip to participate in the Treaty 2 Winter Games.

Youth are participating in various sports including Hockey, Basketball, Badminton, and Snowshoeing. Ebb and Flow has 9 athletes participating in hockey. 23 athletes participating in Basketball, and 1 athlete participating in Badminton. Participants have been put into teams with youth from other nations allowing them to unite through the sport, bond and develop friendships.

Evening activities include dance performances, a movie night, a youth dance, and a visit from Emery Burningrass. The youth all seem to be enjoying themselves and are showing great pride and sportsmanship in representing Ebb and Flow First Nation.

Games will continue until the morning of February 29th, with Closing Ceremonies taking place that same day. At that time, an announcement will be made to share the location of the next Treaty 2 Games.

Our group would like to thank the Treaty 2 Organization, the Winter Games Committee, and all of the Volunteers for the amazing inclusion and hospitality thus far!

We are looking forward to the next couple of days. Miigwech.

Take care, until next time……..

Submitted By: Marlene Davis, Local Nation Helper




Last modified: February 27, 2020

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