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Elders in Ebb and Flow First Nation Creating Amazing Impact with Students

March 11, 2020

As always, our beautiful Nation of Ebb and Flow continues to grow, heal and progress. Our Nation wouldn’t be what it is today without the guidance of our Elders; our Knowledge Keepers.

Currently, and for the past couple of years, Ebb & Flow Education Authority has carried out & funded an “Elders in the School” Program. All Elders 65 & over attend Ebb & Flow school daily as mentors in the classrooms. The Elders share knowledge, traditional teachings and most importantly, teach the Anishinaabe Language. As part of the Schools “100” Project, the Elders and school staff have been working on an incredible timeline project. Elders are bringing in and sharing photos and milestone events which are added to a timeline picture gallery.

It’s an amazing installation that will be recorded and used as a history teaching for generations to come! To view a video clip of the Ka Ka Kwe Ke Jeong 100 Years Timeline – CLICK HERE.
Miigwech to our beautiful Elders for being with the young ones each day, sharing,  teaching and inspiring. We love you all so much!

As the Local Nation Helper for Ebb and Flow First Nation, please be reminded that you are welcome to message me or drop by anytime. I’m located in the Band Office. In the meantime, please follow our Facebook Page at Engaging Ebb and Flow for all upcoming events and exciting contests.  

Take care. Until next time……

Marlene Davis, Local Nation Helper    

Last modified: March 11, 2020

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