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Mens Council advancing talks on Life Long Learning, Justice and Peacekeeping

March 12, 2020

Treaty 2 Territory – The Men Council who are a major part of the structure of the Government of First Nations in Treaty 2 Territory (FNT2T) was at the Life Long Learning Lodge (LLLL) – Dauphin.  A tour of the LLL Lodge facility was done prior to the session.

An Elder from Lake St Martin opened with a beautiful inspiring unified prayer. A round table discussion occurred with introductions and updates from each Local Nation.  Part of the Terms of Reference is that each representative from each Local Nation updates the FNT2T Government on what is happening and vice versa.  In turn the FNT2T Government Keepers spent some time on updating on the continued strategy – Believing in Unity & Advancing on our Own, Us the First Level Government in FNT2T, Corporations and Nation Development – Regional Offices/LN Helpers

The Administration of Justice was discussed and next steps forward.  The restoration of jurisdiction and traditional laws was the key focal point of the discussion.

The overview on Life Long Learning, the K-4 Concept and Land base learning was tabled to next session.

With the Covid-19 out breaking occurring the agenda was shorten and focussed on a discussion on what each local Nation is doing during this time. Next month’s meeting will be set for Thursday 9 April 2020 unless posted otherwise.

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