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Province of Manitoba Agriculture and RM of Grahamdale in violation of FNT2T protocol and policy

March 15, 2020

Treaty 2 Territory – Leaders and Officials attended the RM of Grahamdale unofficial hearing in the Treaty 2 Territory.  This was to establish a beef operation of 550 beef cows and 430 heifers/steers (903 animal units in total) within a confined livestock area.

Both the Province of Manitoba Agriculture and RM of Grahamdale are violating the FNT2T protocol and policy. All Local Nations and the FNT2T must be involved during all permit and applications when it affects lands, waters and resources in the territory.

Chief Hector Shorting spoke on opposing the project because of the spawning areas.  “We are left out regarding the duty to consult, this is devastating that this contamination will hurt our watershed, rivers, streams and lakes. We have not even any consent for this”

FNT2T officials came to support the Local Nations with environmental discussion and support through a presentation regarding the treaties and FNT2T Government.  The FNT2T focused on the 1871 Treaty 2, Duty to Consult, accommodate and free prior consent.

“We need to see the environment study and plan so we can look at this project properly.  As the stewards of the land we can determine whether this project is acceptable”, said Councillor Ted Woodhouse, Pinaymootang and member of the FNT2T Government Men Council.

It was later voted on by the RM of Grahamdale and Province of Manitoba to close the hearing and disrespect the Local Nations and FNT2T with disregarding any time of Duty to Consult and respecting Treaty 2 Territory Natural World.  In 1871, the Nation gathered at Manitoba House to enter into Treaty 2, in which the First Nations agreed to share their lands with the Queen of Great Britain and Ireland for peaceful and friendly “immigration and settlement”. The agreement was made by a representative of Queen Victoria, and, pursuant to the Constitution of Canada 1982, is carried on today by the Queen in Right of Canada and the Queen in Right of the provinces.Canada, Manitoba and Saskatchewan settler governments have the responsibility to protect the honour of the Crown in fulfilling all the Crown’s duties and obligations.  Thus, including compensation for land taken up for “immigration and settlement”.

Who Has the “Duty to Consult and Accommodate”?

The duty to consult is placed solely on the Crown. Private businesses do not have “a duty to consult”. But the Crown does have the duty through the issuing of permits and the making of laws to prevent the private sector from infringing upon the First Nations’ rights and interests.

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