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Governing Council puts plan in place for Covid-19

March 18, 2020

Treaty 2 Territory – The Government of FNT2T continues to move forward with unity after the Governing Council met Tuesday, 17th of March 2020.  “It is time to continue our unity during such time.  This is serious and we must work together with all our agencies within our territory”, said Grand Chief Eastman.  Working together, like the day before treaty, was a key message today.  The Anishinaabe people of the territory continue to strive for unity.

The focus of the FNT2T Government was the review of the Corvid – 19 situation in length.  A motion was put forward to lend technical support to our Local Nations. As a law making, treaty based government, FNT2T will only be able to provide technical supports. All financial support continues through PTO’s which will come from Health Canada and Indigenous Services Canada (ISC) to the current regional PTO’s.

Closing the FNT2T offices with limited access will happen with staff working from home, while delivering workplan tasks. The FNT2T will be postponing all workshops with LNH and Government Council sessions until further notice. Conference calling will be used during this time to support Local Nations.

“We need to go back to land base learning, take our traditional medicines and work together at this time to stand up against the Covid – 19 virus and any other virus that comes our way, that’s just the Anishinaabe way”, said Grand Chief Eastman.

The Administration has appointed Lana Racette, Special Projects Keepers who works out of our Pinaymootang Office, to lead regarding the COVID-19 outbreak along with our Regional Offices (Dauphin and Pinaymootang) to be the direct link with the Local Nation Keepers.  Our Regional Offices will be connecting with the Parkland Health, Interlake – Eastern Health, IRTC Health and WRTC 2/4 Services along with any other agency and service in the territory.  The FNT2T will be working on gathering emergency planning to ensure our Local Nations have plans.

The consensus continues with full support of the Administration to continue the work of the overall Government, Nation and Territory.  The 2020/21 and multi-year workplan was presented and supports the establishment (August 2019) of the Health and Wellbeing, and Justice and Peacekeeping Circles for 2020/21 which is good timing and well needed at this time. Operations under our Administration will announce the next steps shortly. Follow us on Facebook at Anishinaabe Agowidiiwinan, Giche Miigwetch!

Last modified: March 22, 2020

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