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Letter to Canada – FNT2T Health and Wellbeing Circle and the Covid-19 Virus

March 24, 2020

Treaty 2 Territory – FNT2T Health and Wellbeing Circle and the Covid-19 Virus

Ministers Carolyn Bennett and Marc Miller:

We write to you, representatives of the Crown, to bring to your attention the next steps FNT2T is taking in the Health and Wellbeing of our Nations.

In the time before treaty, our Anishinaabe Nation enjoyed a very successful, healthy and prosperous life by living off the land, water, the medicines and Mother Earth. We had strong, sustainable systems that allowed our ancestors to prosper for generations. In 1871, First Nations gathered at Manitoba House to enter into Treaty 2, in which the Nation agreed to share their lands with the Queen of Great Britain and Ireland for peaceful and friendly “immigration and settlement.” The agreement was made by a representative of Queen Victoria, and pursuant to the 1982 Constitution of Canada, is maintained today by the Queen in Right of Canada and the Queen in Right of the provinces. Canada, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan have the fiduciary responsibility to protect the honour of the Crown by fulfilling all of the Crown’s duties and obligations.

On 12 June 2018 the First Nations in Treaty 2 Territory Government was formed. The Governing Council passed Resolution 2019-08-07-001, Transformation of Governance, be it resolved the revised FNT2T Government structure is accepted by the FNT2T Governing Council in order to restore our original ancestral structure and open our arms to all Local Nations in the territory. This process established the FNT2T Health and Wellbeing Circle.

To the Anishinaabe, Health and Wellbeing means balance of mind, body, spirit and emotions. Our Local Nations and family systems are damaged and fractured due to colonization and assimilation enacted by Canada. This has been referred to as systematic fragmentation. Canada has apologized for the harm and trauma of residential schools, the Sixties Scoop, and now, Indian Day Schools; however, action must follow words. This is part of honour of the Crown.

We are establishing a strong Circle for our Health and Wellbeing of our Nation, Government and Territory. We invite Canada to honour its fiduciary obligations by collaborating and supporting the Inherent and Treaty rights holders, the Local Nations and FNT2T, as they do the work to restore a state of health and well-being equal to that enjoyed by other Canadians generally.

Mother Nature is showing the world that she is in control. The Covid-19 Virus is teaching the world that no one is exempt from Nature’s power. In times like these, we are all reminded of who is always in control. We should all be humbled. And we must remember the events and the teachings taking place.

We request a conference call so that we can immediately begin the process of establishing a FNT2T Health and Wellbeing Circle. Please have your officials contact Allen Sutherland, Operations Keeper at 204.638.3797 Ext 1003 or email

Nothing about us, without us, in unity we remain

Grand Chief Eugene Eastman

Chief, Ochichakkosipi First Nation

Government, First Nation of Treaty 2 Territory (FNT2T)

Last modified: March 24, 2020

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