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Reclamation of The Nation continues with our Games for our youth and Unifying through Sport

April 5, 2020

Treaty 2 Territory –  The first ever and very successful FNT2T Winter Games 2020 in Pinaymootang gave balance in the territory…

“We have all worked hard to get to this point as a Nation and Government, this is first of many for our territorial events.  Our youth are our future”, said Grand Chief Eastman

Reclamation of the The Nation begins with our youth and Unifying through sport!

“Our youth had an amazing time, for our Nation and territory our first ever games really unified us”, Marlene Davis, Local Nation Helper (LNH) Ebb and Flow

Held 26-29 February 2020 with all four directions represented through four sports – Basketball, Badminton, Hockey and Snowshoeing.

Great job Chief Woodhouse and Council for hosting!
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