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COVID-19: Accessing Funding Supports

April 9, 2020

Treaty 2 Territory – On Wednesday March 18th, 2020, the Trudeau government announced it is spending $305 million to help Indigenous communities deal with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Each First Nation will receive a given amount of funds from the $305 million with out having to apply. The funds will flow directly to each First Nation from Indigenous Services Canada (ISC). Each First Nation will receive COVID-19 response funds, there will be a 50% top up for Social Clients for the month of April and Emergency Management Assistance for Household Supplies and General Support.

On Monday April 7th, 2020, Indigenous Services Canada initiated a call for proposals for funding to support prevention, preparedness and response to COVID-19 for urban and off-reserve Indigenous organizations and communities (First Nations). These funds need to be applied for to support off-reserve members. Please see the following link:

First Nations Community Guide on Accessing Additional Supports. Additional public health-related emergency supports available for First Nations communities:

A. Supports through the First Nation and Inuit Health Branch, for example, On-the-land initiatives to support social isolation or food security.

B. Supports through the Emergency Management Assistance Program (EMAP), for example, Lock-down initiative to prevent spread of COVID-19, security wages, rental of special equipment, set-up cost of lock-down, and meals and accommodations.

C. Child and Family Services and Jordan’s Principle, for example, expenses related to specific supports to respond to COVID-19 response efforts.

Please see the following link for First Nations Community Guide on Accessing Additional Supports:



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