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Traditional Knowledge Mapping:

June 19, 2020

Treaty 2 Territory – Care and Protection of the Natural World Circle staff are undertaking a project to preserve the knowledge of our Knowledge Keepers (Elders) by documenting their experiences and stories on the land. We will be visiting Local Nations throughout Treaty 2 Territory to document knowledge on film. Once we have captured the verbal knowledge, we will begin using cutting edge technology to map locations using drones. The project will focus on the movement of surface water throughout the territory – in areas prone to flooding in and around our Local Nations.

Once we have assembled a living atlas, we will be visiting these areas once again. This time using survey equipment and more advanced drones to capture highly accurate data that will allow us to build 3D computer models of the flood prone lands. In this way we hope to identify areas where we can safely store water on the land or design infrastructure intended to mitigate flood risks.
Drone technology has quickly become a valuable tool for land and water management. This project will allow us to work with interested community members. We will build local knowledge by teaching participants the skills needed for surveying, mapping, and piloting drones. With an expanded technical knowledge base within the communities, future projects can secure safe water supplies, improve emergency response services, take stock of natural resources, help with construction projects, improve environmental sustainability of agriculture and even serve to help people in search and rescue situations.

With a trained and dedicated core of Local Nation pilots, surveyors, and mapping technicians the sky is literally the limit for what we can accomplish!

Last modified: June 19, 2020

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