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FNT2T Regional Offices discuss 2020-21 workplan and working with service providers

July 2, 2020

Treaty 2 Territory – FNT2T Regional Offices met at the Dauphin FNT2T government building. The agenda covered the workplan for 2020-21 fiscal year of the Regional Offices of Dauphin and Pinaymootang First Nation. FNT2T regional offices will work collaboratively with each local nation in areas of nation development and law development. The Regional Offices will also be networking with the service providers in the Treaty 2 Territory that provide services to the Local Nations, these would include the Tribal Councils, Health Departments and Child and Family services.

The FNT2T Natural World and Life Long Learning Circles will be also working with the Regional Offices in providing the Local Nations information and data collection of each Local Nation. The Restorative Peacemaking through our Justice and Peacekeeping Circle includes a new court system through Local Nation Circles and the FNT2T Circle is an area that the Regional Offices will be involved. The current system with Canada and Manitoba is not working, capacity development will begin September 8 through the LLL Lodge for Peacekeepers (Police), Restorative Peacemaking Keepers and Helpers (replacing Judges and Lawyers with our own Anishinaabe Circle) and Land Guardians (Conservation Officers).  The Anishinaabe Mediation will be part of the new steps to continue our Anishinaabe governing process.

The Local Nation Helpers will be one of the main contact with the leadership and the community members. FNT2T Regional Offices looks forward working together with all the organizations and local communities to build a positive future for the next generation.

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Scott Lynxleg
Regional Office (Dauphin) Keeper
FNT2T (First Nations Treaty 2 Territory)

Last modified: July 3, 2020

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