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2020 Moose Survey Results

July 13, 2020

Treaty 2 Territory – The Government of Manitoba through the Wildlife and Fisheries Branch has posted their results from the 2020 Moose survey. According to the results posted there is a slight increase to the populations within our Treaty 2 Territory. Obviously this is nothing to celebrate and we should exhibit concern regarding the ongoing low moose populations as well as the ongoing impact to our Inherent Rights. It appears Manitoba’s big game managers are unsure what is impacting the moose but point to a variety of possibilities including climate change.

Care and Protection of The Natural World were contacted to see if any FNT2T members were interested in receiving certification to participate in the 2020 surveys. To our knowledge there was no uptake to the request and the surveys proceeded with existing indigenous folks from the local communities.

There have been three mandate letters issued in successive years to various ministers in charge of managing big game populations in the province to implement Shared Management opportunities with indigenous people and we have yet to hear from the Province of Manitoba staff what that means to government.Province of Manitoba staff have been informed what it doesn’t mean and that coming to us and telling us what they are planning to implement within our territory. That’s called the “status quo” and we have no interest in the status quo.

Care and Protection of The Natural World will continue to monitor and provide information as we receive to keep our members informed.



Last modified: July 14, 2020

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