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Executive Council meeting today; review of administration and set sights on unfinished treaty business

July 15, 2020

Treaty 2 territory – The Executive Council of FNT2T met today to discuss the agenda with a full participation of the Executive Council members.

“Many times, what holds us back is colonization and the daily matters that hinder the areas such as Unfinished Treaty Business.  More time is needed to address our unfinished treaty business and term sheet discussions with Canada”, said Grand Chief Eastman.  The Grand Chief addressed today that the letter to Canada regarding the unfinished treaty business should open the doors through the requested tribunal and working with the Crown/Canada to settle the claims and begin the implementation of the treaty.  If not, litigation will be the next steps.  The Letter sent to Justice and Safety was the announcing of the Local Nations and FNT2T replacement of the current justice system in the territory with a new Anishinaabe Restorative Peacemaking.

The Term Sheet through the RIRSD table is now ready for negotiations from the Executive Council. Staff are not the negotiators as mentioned at many meetings and through reports.

A quick report on administration; Regional Offices are in contact daily with each of their assigned Local Nation; Communications is very strong and many blogs, stories and reports online; Report on separation of administration and governance was reported on.  Executive Council continue to make decisions and guide staff on the resolutions made by the Government of FNT2T.

The summer calendar was discussed and dates will be announced for the Governing Council Four Direction land base sessions.

Last modified: July 15, 2020

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