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Life Long Learning Lodge advancing partnership with ACC on Financial Management

July 20, 2020

Treaty 2 Territory – The Life Long Learning Lodge and Assiniboine Community College (ACC) met today to advance its partnership.  This morning session’s discussed Financial Management toward the Treasury/Trust Keepers for Local Nations and FNT2T.  Currently Local Nations have a vast amount of experience already in financial management.

Allen Sutherland, LLL Keeper with Boh Kubrakovich, Lead Keeper met with Kris Desjarlais, Gerald Cathcart(Video) and Rennais Gayle to advance this process at the Life Ling Learning Lodge. Ryan Sutherland, Corporation Keeper will continue working with our Policy Keepers, Regional Offices and LLL Lodge to assist with the structure and process.

The FNT2T government has created the Treasury and Trust through the Finance/Administration and Corporations Keeper and will be launching 1 September.

The Local Nations within Treaty 2 Territory practiced a collective management of wealth prior to contact.  Our ancestral collective management system had a common foundation of Natural Laws respected by the Nations across Turtle Island.  The common foundation of management maximized wealth generation for the Nations.  The collective management of wealth ensured that all Nations shared the store of value of the Natural World equally.  The wealth came from managing yields from natural processes on the land and in the water.  This management system ensured mediums of exchanged and/or yields from natural process went to the Nations and the people that made up the Nations.  This maximized wealth and provided an abundance to everyone equally.

On 12 June 2018 the First Nations in Treaty 2 Territory Government was formed.  The Governing Council passed Resolution 2019-08-07-001, Transformation of Governance, be it resolved the revised FNT2T Government structure is accepted by the FNT2T Governing Council in order to restore our original ancestral structure.  This process established the FNT2T Treasury to managed and disperse Trust Funds according to Trust terms and conditions under the Financial Administration Law.

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