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Life Long Learning Lodge and ACC assisting Treaty 2 Territory with Restorative Peacemaking

July 20, 2020

Treaty 2 Territory – Today the Life Long Learning Lodge Keeper Allen Sutherland met with partner Assiniboine Community College, Kris Desjarlais and staff to advance the capacity development in Restorative Peacemaking.

The three areas that will be advancing with and set up for course development is; Restorative Peacemaking (replacing courts with Circles), Peacekeeper (policing) and Guardians (Conservation).

Local Nations and FNT2T are advancing with the right to govern. Local Nations continue to be the driving force.  FNT2T has been working to put structures and a process in place for the Treaty 2 Territory along with each Local Nations with their own laws.  Law Development is critical to any Government, Nation and Territory’s advancement. The Legal and Policy at FNT2T is meeting with the Mens Council get further direction through resolutions that has mandated this process.

FNT2T’s will be launching three areas within the next few months.

For further information on the Circle, click here

Letter to Canada

Last modified: July 21, 2020

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