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Reclaiming Our Voices a gathering for all women

July 25, 2020

Treaty 2 Territory – It was a busy week in the Local Nation of Tootinaowaziibeeng. West Region Child and Family Services hosted the annunal R.O.V. Reclaiming our Voices gathering for women of the community on July 22-24,2020 at the Chief Clifford Lynxleg Anishanabe School.

The gathering was open to all women from the Local Nation and surrounding Local Nations.Guest speakers, workshops and traditional games were some of the activities that the women participated in. Georgina Nepinak, Sue Mozden, and Gina Mckay were the guest speakers that addressed the participants. Ribbon skirt making was one of the activities that the women had an opportunity to make a skirt. A round dance was held. The drum group from Waywayseecappo performed the songs for the conference. A traditional sweat was held on the last day for the ladies. Elder Lillian Lynxleg did the opening and closing prayer for the conference. All the participants enjoyed the 3 days of women gathering to be together and share stories and laughs. Reclaiming Our Voices is annual event that is held for all women in the treaty 2 territory put on by West Region Child and Family Services Inc.









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Scott Lynxleg

Regional Office Keeper – Dauphin

FNT2T   (First Nations Treaty 2 Territory)

Last modified: July 25, 2020

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