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Government of FNT2T – Executive Council moves important matters forward ready for Governing Council

August 27, 2020

Treaty 2 Territory – The Government of FNT2T recently met utilizing safe measures such as social distancing, wearing masks and disinfecting hands during these unprecedented times with Covid-19.

The Executive Council gathered to discuss important matters at hand. Motions were presented by member Councils and continued by the Executive Council, all in preparation for the upcoming land Governing Council session next week.

A report was completed on the Leadership (Chief and Council) Gathering that took place on August 21st at Eagle Island which is along the shores of Ebb and Flow lake.  Leaders discussed matters of citizenship, unfinished treaty business, and moving forward with governance sovereignty.

The Health and Wellbeing Circle announced that it is ready to meet with the Crown to discuss the Treaty Medicine Chest.

“We have our own professionals in the area of health and wellbeing. We are in a position to manage our own system and our own way of balancing our health and wellbeing,” said Chief Garnet Woodhouse (portfolio for Health and Wellbeing).

A topic of concern for the council was the issue of Canada continuing to use funding as a means to conquer and divide First Nations during these trying times of Covid-19. The message was that we must do our very best to have all agencies work together in the Treaty 2 Territory.

It was agreed that governance has been solid and it will continue its work by utilizing member Councils: Governing, Chiefs, Knowledge, Men, Women, and Youth.  All Councils are involved with matters at hand and provide input on resolutions put forward.

The Treasury and Trust, which is a great step into the future in reclaiming lands, resources and waters in the territory, was supported by all.  The Government of FNT2T, through its Councils, supports the development and the implementation of a Trust Fund to manage, invest, and re-invest funds including a Land Trust to manage lands. Currently, other Trusts receive and manage infrastructure and programs/services on our behalf.

“We are entitled to revenue resources as a Government which includes extraction, use, royalties, taxation, fiscal transfers, service funding agreements, and own-source revenue currently being held by foreign governments,” said Grand Chief Eugene Eastman.


“Our Government of FNT2T asserts the inherent right to govern and for self-determination on a government-to-government basis by means of a renewed fiscal relationship with foreign governments. This is according to our terms and conditions under the FNT2T Financial Administration Treasury Law to ensure that these funds retain purchasing power for Treaty 2 Territory citizens and the next seven generations,” said Chief Cameron Catcheway, Skownan Anishinaabe.

The Life Long Learning Lodge was formed last year as a vehicle in education for university and college level studies. The Lodge announced its partnership with institutions such as Assiniboine Community College.  Allen Sutherland provided a presentation on upcoming programs/courses and current structure of the LLL Lodge. Programs being offered this fall include Anishinaabe Financial Treasury, Restorative Peacemaking, Peacekeeping (Policing), and Natural World Guardians (Conservation Officers).  The steps toward Anishinaabe based governing through Local Nations and The Nation as a collective will continue,” stated Chief Wayne Desjarlais (portfolio for Life Long Learning).   


“We look at all of this and say it’s time to move in a new directionit’s time to go, our leaders have been saying we need to continue governing ourselves for the past 40 years, now this will give us the new tools to do so, affirmed Chief Norman Bone. 

Click here for the FNT2T Governance Overview Handbook

Last modified: August 31, 2020

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