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The Sacred Thunderbird Nest at Wapah:

August 28, 2020

The Government of Treaty 2 Territory recently welcomed  Karen Church – PhD Candidate, Interdisciplinary Studies, Natural Resources and Environmental Studies, University of Northern British Columbia to visit with and view the Thunderbird Nest as well as a couple other sites sacred to the People of Ebb and Flow.

A huge Meegwitch to Elder Franklin Mousseau, Councilor Darren Mousseau and Eric Flett – who were kind enough to accompany Karen, her Niece Kristi (an aspiring film maker) and CPNW staff to share knowledge and ideas.  Along the way we ran into “Rose and Cathy” from Crane River who also took the time to share knowledge and conversation.  It was a very engaging and educational day!

After the meeting Karen sent an e-mail saying:  “Should there be an initiative to start a society with the goal of protecting sites such as Thunderbird nest (as you had mentioned when I first talked to you), I would be interested in volunteering to sit on such a board, or be involved in some way. Since our family is from the Wapah and an Olafsson Bay farm in the Reykyavik district, it feels important and good to take part in protection of that important spiritual site, which our family would have known about and possibly accessed.”

What do you – the members – think of an initiative to document and preserve our sacred sites throughout Treaty 2 Territory?  These cultural treasures are important to all people!

You can catch up with Karen on her Instagram here:  @k_lovisa_church


Last modified: August 28, 2020

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