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Watershed Districts of Treaty 2 Territory:

August 28, 2020

The Conservation District Program started up in the late 70’s.  It is a publicly funded not-for-profit program.  As a non-Government Organization is leverages local grass roots knowledge from volunteer board members.  Each district has it’s own programs and operates a little differently. All focus on Conservation with a major emphasis on our waters.

Recently the program was refreshed and renamed the Watershed Districts Program.  Program boundaries were re-aligned to more natural watershed boundaries – perhaps the most basic boundaries in the natural world as they are based on land elevation and the movement of surface water.

There are 9 (of a total of 14) Conservation districts that lay within Treaty 2 Territory:

Westlake WD  

Intermountain WD  

East Interlake WD  

West Interlake WD  

Whitemud WD  

Pembina Valley WD 

Souris River WD 

Assiniboine West WD 

Central Assiniboine WD

The Map shows Treaty 2’s Boundary and the areas we where Watershed District’s overlap T2 Territory along with the locations of Local Nations.

Care and Protection of the Natural World Circle will be engaging the Watershed Districts to explore opportunities to work together to preserve and protect the Watersheds of our beautiful Territory – but there is opportunity for everyone to participate!

Engage your Watershed District.  Ask for an appointment to their Board so that we can share our knowledge of the land.  These organizations may offer us a way to exercise our inherent rights – and inherent responsibilities for the Care and Protection of our Natural World!

Last modified: August 28, 2020

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