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Medicine Teachings with Knowledge Council Members

September 16, 2020

Treaty 2 Territory – Giche Manitou Wiitigaan ‘The Creator’s Garden, is the teaching of the natural Mishikiki (medicine) and their purpose. On Tuesday, September 15, 2020, the FNT2T Knowledge Council members requested a day of medicine teachings. Members were gathered in Skownan First Nation and received teachings from Life Long Learning Lodge Keeper Allen Sutherland on some of the natural medicines our people have been using since the beginning of time. Pinaymootang Regional Office Lana Keeper arranged the teachings for members on Giche Manitou Wiitigaan.

Dennis St. Paul, knowledge keeper of Skownan First Nation and Ebb and Flow First Nation, provided land teachings on how to gather medicines in nature. The group set out to gather wiike , rabbit root, and muskeg tea. This was preparation for the winter months, and members of the Knowledge Council would be able to help themselves and their families with any alignments that can be healed with the traditional medicines. LLLL Keeper Allen Sutherland gifted Dennis St. Paul Jr with a Anishinaabe Medicine Chart on Mishikiki and their purposes, prior to going out on the land.

The day was a reminder of the education our people have with the connection to the land and water. Miigwech to the members of the Knowledge Council, FNT2T Staff members Allen Sutherland, Lana Racette, Ray Mousseau Jr, and Knowledge Keeper Dennis ‘Duck’ St. Paul Jr. for their participation in a fun filled day of teachings out on the land. Giche Miigwech!

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