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Keeping our Children home a priority for the Government of First Nations in Treaty 2 Territory (FNT2T)

October 27, 2020

Treaty 2 Territory – The Government of First Nations in Treaty 2 Territory (FNT2T) and Government of Canada met to action items and determine if progress has been made since March 2020.

The Government of FNT2T will be moving forward with the process of a Children, Families and Nations Circle. The Circle will support Local Nations with restoring original and ancestral ways of being focusing on Children, Family, and Nation. The goal will be to restore and empower jurisdiction of the territory and contribute to the ongoing Nation-building work to make immediate and lasting impacts under the current colonial model of “crisis reactive”.

In spite of the past and current institutional racist polices that have broken and interrupted our traditional family structures and natural laws. Our Anishinaabe legal traditions will be passed on from generation to generation, ancestral teachings and pursuit of the good life through the understanding and following of our natural and written laws.

The Government of FNT2T believes in preserving the matriarchal family system which always ensured the wellbeing of community. The Leaders of FNT2T values and is inclusive of an Abinoonjiwaag-Oshkii Aayaa Aag Nitum approach to their decision-making processes in all areas of law making, governance and national advocacy.

We are braving toward solid advocacy, capacity enhancement, and a coordinated system of navigation and collaboration. This will allow for national, territorial, organizational and operational development that will restore a system for children, families, and Nation that is equitable, effective, beneficial, and culturally-relevant and culturally-responsive. .

As per Canada’s C-92, – An Act respecting First Nations, Inuit and Metis children, youth and families. As part of FNT2T consultation strategy under the Abinoonjiwaag-Oshkii Aayaa Nitum approach, accommodation and prior consent law will be advanced through a coordination agreement. It must be in place with the Government of First Nations in Treaty 2 Territory and Canada by 24 March 2020.

“We are aware that the implementation of a coordination agreement is discretionary at this point however it appears from our review of the new Canadian legislation that the coordination agreement is tied to the discussions around adequately resourcing the support and implementation of our laws, regulations and eventually the programs and services that will be provided to our children and families by our Local Nations”, – Grand Chief Eugene Eastman stated in the Letter to Canada 23 March 2020.


FNT2T Government Notice to Canada regarding Children, Families and Nation

Last modified: October 28, 2020

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