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PRESS RELEASE: Missing person in Pinaymootang demands calls for culturally-appropriate and culturally-responsive police services and improved public safety under “Restorative Peacemaking” in Treaty 2 Territory

October 29, 2020

Treaty 2 Territory – We are highly concerned as one of our Local Nations within the Treaty 2 Territory has reported a Missing-Persons under Canada’s Missing Persons Act.   One of their members was walking on the old CN bridge in Pinaymootang and fell into the cold waters. Today, members from Pinaymootang and other Local Nations are assisting with the dragging of the river while the RCMP sit on the shores and watch.

The lack of response and support from the Royal Canadian Mountie Police (RCMP) Service that Pinaymootang First Nation has experienced shines the light on just how well the RCMP responds to public safety provisions that are designed to help find missing persons.

Our Anishnaabe people matter and we want our members to know their lives and safety are important. The RCMP has a huge role to play in helping in finding our Pinanymootang member.

For decades FNT2T members have had to deal with many examples of institutional and systemic racism. There have been numerous reports and inquiries that support these claims. Such as the Aboriginal Justice Inquiry of Manitoba and most recently, the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls, 231Calls for Justice.

While there have been many calls to improve police services in our Local Nations, these on-going social emergencies continue to exist and negatively impact our community safety and overall confidence in policing in the Treaty 2 Territory.

Our citizens are deserving of a professional, dedicated, culturally-appropriate and culturally-responsive police service for Local Nations and today this is not good when they sit back while we are in need to find our member.

Our Government of FNT2T will continue to advocate directly with Canada’s Ministers responsible for funding public safety and improving Policing and Peacekeeping in our Territory.



Last modified: November 2, 2020

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