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Launching unique peacemaking process key for governing today

October 30, 2020

Treaty 2 Territory – Canada is in the spotlight as Nations across Turtle Island assert their Inherent, Aboriginal and Treaty Rights. The world is watching Canada, the signatory to treaties made from east to west, from Peace and Friendship Treaties to Modern Treaties. The Government of FNT2T feels it is a fitting time to advance the restorative peacemaking process which will be key to self-governance.

“We need our modern way of peacemaking to advance our territory, the work our Government of FNT2T is doing will help with this process,” said Chief Cameron Catcheway.

“We Anishinaabe have our own legal traditions, spiritual laws, natural laws, customary laws and legal orders. Our unwritten laws and common understanding to them have not disappeared, they are still there and there is an ongoing process to revitalize these laws”.

We have ancestral and inherent rights to govern ourselves. We will look to the land to help us bring back a Restorative Peacemaking system that will provide prevention, preparedness, emergency response, and post-event remedies.

Restorative Peacemaking means peace and balance. It will be maintained in and by Local Nations and Treaty 2 territory through circles, peacekeepers, wellbeing lodges, and restorative measures. Traditional models will be utilized based on working toward establishing aang-waa-misin (peace) and mino-aani-gidoowin (balance).

The FNT2T model will be grounded in Anishinaabe traditional restorative peacemaking practices. FNT2T hereby establishes a Territorial Circle to implement with our Local Nations.

Jurisdiction of the Restorative Peacemaking Circle of FNT2T will extend to all persons, activities, and lands within the territory of the Treaty 2 Territory. This is based on the inherent sovereign authority of the Anishinaabe of the Treaty 2 Territory.

The Restorative Peacemaking Circle will provide formal support, structure, and peacemaking in our territory. It will work to restore Aang-waa-misin (Peace) and Mino-aani-gidoowin (Balance) by utilizing traditional methods to guide us. This includes resolving disputes using the Seven Ancestral Teachings along with modern expressions. All of this is key in asserting and reclaiming our Inherent Right to self-govern.


Anishinaabe Agowidiiwinan Peacemaking Circle – Onankoenehkawin Draft Edition 2020—09-24

Restorative Peacemaking Circle

Last modified: April 20, 2021

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