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Anishinaabe Ikewaag in leadership “The Voice” – Continued Series

November 5, 2020

Treaty 2 Territory – Boozhoo so I am back by my own popular demand! I am very pleased to present my blogging series in this way.

ROLES– The role of Anishinaabe Ikwewaag in all aspects of leadership needs some careful attention as there is much to be celebrated. While we understand that the grandmothers and women in our Nations provide clarity and strong direction in different forums and play a central significance in the Nations.

VOICES– It is safe to say that the “voice” of Anishinaabe Ikewaag can no longer be silenced. And to say this with the absolute confidence is a gift that will continue to be honoured as many women resume and assert their role and place in our democratic societies.

NARRATIVES– It is always encouraging to hear that “We need more women in leadership” and another helpful narrative that can be echoed is “Anishnaabe Ikwewaag are integral to achieving democracy in all areas of politics, governance and administration essentially “decision-making”.

DIRECTIONS- We are often told that as Anishnaabe Ikewaag that we are sacred and while I can appreciate this statement. I also feel quite compelled to share that there could be legally binding mechanisms to uphold self-determination within the Anishinaabe way of life. Within that sacred principle, there also is that innate understanding and guidance that comes with both the duty and obligation in that the political, governance and higher -level administrative spheres that there needs to be assurances that the equitable participation of Anishinaabe Ikwewaag is braided into law, governance and administrative making frameworks.

EMPOWERMENT– Lastly, as part of my blogging series I would like to always end of with things on an empowering note in that I would like to value and uplift our Anishinaabe Ininiwaag (men) that truly understand this principle of balance and support for women in leading roles. Leadership is complex and challenging and the support for encouraging more young women and women leadership across Nation will also be part one of my many passions.

Last modified: November 7, 2020

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