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Anishnaabe Ikewaag in Leadership “The Voice”

November 5, 2020

Boozhoo Anishnaabe kwes, Asiinikwe Gaye Ndigo

Treaty 2 Territory – Boozhoo my fellow Anishinaabeg, I would like to begin with that it is an absolute honour to be working for Treaty 2 Territory. I began my policy keeper position at First Nations in Treaty 2 (FNT2T), August 05, 2020. Since then I have been assigned to files related to inherent rights, political and policy analysis, treaty-protection and treaty-implementation. As part of my blogging series and in keeping with maintaining some structure and predictability in my blogging series. My contributions to the virtual world will be carried out in this way all throughout the series with sections in mind: “Roles, Voices, Narratives, Direction, and Empowerment”.

My voice may at times come through with what I am feeling. If I am feeling connected to the lands and waters, the intellectual confidence will then shine through. It is quite safe to say that the healing powers of our beautiful Kidaakiiminaan can be associated with the flow, tone and confidence in my writing. Honouring my voice and my spirit in this way is what I need to stay healthy and balanced.

I truly believe that any creative expressions promote’s a sense of healing and belonging in our Nation. And here is why, at times we may not feel heard and the timing and vehicles to share our perspectives may not always be readily available or appropriate for that matter. So in this way, I can blend the loves of my life together, writing, inherent laws, treaties, policy and politics! A narrative is essential to promoting and reflecting our personal and professional style. Our Anishinaabe Narrative as story tellers through songs, poetry, teachings and personal experiences all are contributing factors that I will include in my shaping and sharing my narrative throughout my blogging series.

To hone your Ozhiibe’ige craft takes Anishinaabe jedi focus and consistent  sharpening of your mind through reading books and unlimited access to your extensive vocabulary! Read, review and write the messages you would like to convey to the world.

We have many great minds and thinkers across the Anishinaabe-Nation. I am often reminded just how intelligent Anishinaabeg are and to say with a humble energy comes fueled, supported and encouraged by the many elders that I had the utmost pleasure of meeting and learning from. While we walk in both worlds and have the gifts of speaking of speaking two languages our ability to communicate and pick up our language is the ultimate gift that I am proud to carry on.

Last modified: November 7, 2020

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