Nation-Based Sovereign-Based Government

Grand Chief, Governing Council meet with Canada’s ISC Minister Marc Miller

November 7, 2020

Treaty 2 Territory – On Thursday, November 05th, 2020 Grand Chief Eugene Eastman, Governing Council and Minister Marc Miller, Indigenous Services Canada (ISC) met to discuss priorities and outline plans to address local nations and nation-based interests.

The meeting objectives were to continue discussion under the 2018 Protocol Agreement to advance reconciliation, treaty implementation, economic self-sufficiency, restoration of self-government and nation building at the political/leadership level.

FNT2T and the Government of Canada have been committed to renewing the relationship through the RIRSD process. This renewal is a nation-to-nation relationship based on recognition of rights, respect, co-operation and partnership.

Political Level Monthly Roundtable Meetings to continue – Participating in monthly round-table meetings is one government to government strategy that sets the protocol agreement as a priority. While this approach signals a commitment to work together on policies, legislation and relationship building, this Treaty-Crown commitment also requires participation by other Crown Departments to effectively deal with emergent and longer-term issues.

Areas discussed;

  • Nation Development
  • Capacity for Local Nation Law Making
  • Housing and Infrastructure
  • Economic Development
  • Life Long Learning
  • Children, Families and Nation
  • Care and Protection Natural World
  • Peacemaking
  • Health and Well Being
  • Health and Well Being – Pandemic Response
  • Health and Wellbeing – Emergency Management Response

Next Steps agreed to; FNT2T Keepers and Senior Officials with Canada will have a on-going discussions with Canada to ensure that these matters be resolved, along with a monthly political round table to ensure that the treaty-crown relationship remains a priority given that there are travel restrictions in place.

Majority of our Local Nations have issued states of emergency due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Canada has agreed to expedient financially support Local Nations in this response to the emergency.


Last modified: December 7, 2020

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