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Children, Families and Nation Circle (CFNC) forges new path with Canada on the design and development of the Coordination Agreement

December 8, 2020

Treaty 2 Territory – The Government of First Nations in Treaty 2 Territory (FNT2T) together with Canada earmarks, March 2021 to wrap up negotiations on the Coordination Agreement (CA).

The CFNC builds momentum with the additions of legal and policy support to the team includes: Desiree Dorion, born and raised in Dauphin, a member of Opaskwayak Cree Nation, married into Ebb and Flow; Derek Nepinak, former AMC Grand Chief and former Chief of his home Nation, Pine Creek; and John Miiswagon, of Pimicikamak, former Chief and long-time advocate of Child and Family.

The team joins the FNT2 Government and comes with many years of law and policy development. We are still seeking an Operation Keeper and research helpers to fulfill the CFNC mandate.

Although Manitoba has been at the table with our CFNC and Canada.  they have not committed to the process and continue to participate on an exploratory basis. FNT2T isn’t worried as the agreement is with Canada, and Canada must bring both Manitoba and Saskatchewan into the intergovernmental fold under section 35. constitutional obligations.

The CFNC supports Local Nations in the restoration original and ancestral ways of living that is Children, Family, and Nation centred. The vision of the governance structure at the Local Nation level with wellbeing and wellness centres to support healing, reconciling sovereignty, and preventative traditional methods.  The Circle with Canada goes into the next phase of peacemaking, legal, finance/policy, external coordination, oversight, data and research, system transition and new processes.

“The Government of FNT2T believes in preserving the matriarchal family system which always ensured the wellbeing of the entire of Nation, it is within the values and the inclusivity of an Abinoonjiwaag-Oshkii Aayaa Aag Nitum approach that this inherent principle will guide the decision-making processes in all areas of law making, governance and national advocacy”, said Chief Norman Bone.

Canada Legislation – An Act respecting First Nations, Inuit and Metis children, youth and families, our strategy is through Abinoonjiwaag-Oshkii Aayaa Nitum approach.  accommodation and prior consent law will be advanced through a coordination agreement.

“While we are  aware that the implementation of a coordination agreement is discretionary at this point.  Our initial review of Canada’s legislation is that the CA is the mechanism that outlines engagement and implementation frameworks in the design and development of our laws, regulations, programs and services that will be provided to our children and families by our Local Nations”, – Grand Chief Eugene Eastman stated in the Letter to Canada 23 March 2020.


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