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Sol Sanderson gives presentation on indigenous governance and nation building to FNT2T Local Nation Helpers/staff

December 17, 2020

Treaty 2 Territory – Sol Sanderson of the Chakataypasin Cree Nation in Saskatchewan gave a presentation to the Local Nation Helpers as part of their training in governance and nation building. Sol Sanderson is a former Chief of his nation and FSIN chief Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations. Sol has many years of experience in indigenous governance, inherent rights, and constitutional framework. He spoke to the Local Nation Helpers on inherent rights/treaty rights, membership, taxation, justice system and jurisdiction. Sol was instrumental in getting the aboriginal treaty rights entrenched in the Canadian Constitution in 1982. Sol gave his version of how he was able to develop and move forward the constitutional framework for all Anishinaabe peoples. It was an informative presentation and Sol will be doing some informational videos through the FNT2T Lodge.

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Scott Lynxleg

Regional Services Keeper – Dauphin

FNT2T (First Nations Treaty 2 Territory)

Last modified: December 17, 2020

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