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FNT2T Consultation and Accommodation Protocol

December 19, 2020

Treaty 2 Territory – The government of First Nations in Treaty 2 Territory identified the year 2020 as the year of the laws and each circle was tasked with developing laws that would govern the territory going forward.

Care and Protection of the Natural World developed a Consultation and Accommodation Protocol that would speak too protection of land, resources, and our inherent rights within our territory. This protocol was developed after the full involvement of our Natural World committee and has been submitted to our Legal Counsel for review and comment.

The protocol was also submitted to the Local Nations on August 13th, 2020 to review and provide comment. We asked our Local Nations to adopt as their own to protect their lands, resources and inherent rights or provide us with a letter of support to have the Care and Protection of The Natural World Circle facilitate the Consultation and Accommodation process within the Treaty 2 Territory. A defined process will put Canada, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan governments on notice to ensure they uphold the honour of the crown when we are to be Consulted and Accommodated meaningfully with our full input and awareness into any activity that has the potential to infringe our lands, resources or Inherent Rights.

To date crown representatives come to our nations with their process with literally no input from our government. The crown seems to forget our relationship stems from the Treaty signed 149 years ago. This Treaty relationship was never meant to be one sided, never meant to be a dictatorship and never meant for us to give up our voice to ensure we protect the land, the resources or our inherent rights. Every process we have witnessed or experienced regarding consultation and accommodation in the province has been a speed bump to the status quo, meaning business as usual after the crown has sent out a few letters and checked off a few boxes.

As the original people of Turtle Island, we have been provided our original ancestral laws, teachings and instructions in order to pursue a good life on Mother Earth. The Anishinaabek world view teaches us that everything is alive in the Natural World. Mother Earth, our 4-legged Brothers and Sisters, the winged ones, Water, Trees, Medicines, Plants, Minerals and all other resources have counted on us for care and protection. Anishinaabek have a unique spiritual and ancestral attachment to the land and its resources and rely on these to maintain our traditional way of life. It is our responsibility to take only what we need and do no harm.

The Government of FNT2T is mandated to carry out all work required to ensure Mother Earth, our 4-legged Brothers and Sisters, the winged ones, Water, Trees, Medicines, Plants, Minerals, and all other resources are cared for and protected. Supreme Court of Canada decisions have also established that the Crown has a legal duty to consult and accommodate. The courts have also mandated the crown that they must be honourable whenever contemplating an action or decision that could potentially infringe the inherent rights of the Anishinaabek. The level of consultation and Accommodation owed will be determined by the Anishinaabek of Treaty 2.

The purpose of this Protocol is to ensure that FNT2T carries out its inherent responsibility to protect and sustain the Natural World. It will guide the treaty relationship between FNT2T and the settler governments. We acknowledge certain obligations have been transferred to provincial and municipal governments without our consent. Subsequently third parties have operated within our territory without input from the Anishinaabek of Treaty 2. The Natural World needs to be cared for to ensure the full range of our inherent rights. This Protocol provides clarity to all parties, by ensuring that the laws of the Natural World, Anishinaabek laws, Canadian, International laws are observed.

Submitted By:

Ron Missyabit, NW Circle Keeper &

Shawn Gurke, Mapping/GIS Helper Helper

Last modified: December 19, 2020

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