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FNT2T Life Long Learning: Anishinaabe Art Book

December 19, 2020

Treaty 2 Territory – Good Day! We hope that everyone is safe and well. As the holidays begin and many prepare for Christmas, FNT2T Life Long Learning would like to recommend a great personalized gift for loved ones and littles ones alike that not only offers beautiful artwork by Anishinaabe artist, Jackie Traverse, but it also shares stories and teachings. Jackie is from Lake St. Martin First Nation. Her art books include Ikwe: Honouring Women, Life Givers and Water Protectors (2018) and Sacred Feminine: An Indigenous Art Coloring Book (2016). She’s illustrated other books as well – and her artwork is amazing.

In Ikwe: Honouring Women, Jackie shares pieces titled Mother EarthGrandmother & Grandfather TeachingOjibwe Florals, and Little Angel, to name a few. In her description of the Little Angel, Jackie writes: “Everyone Christmas when I was growing up, I would notice that there were no angels who looked like me. They all had blonde hair and blue eyes. That made me feel left out. So I created my own series of Christmas cards and I put my people in there because I know children need to see themselves in a positive way” (Source: Ikwe by Jackie Traverse). This book would be a phenomenal resource for teachers, parents and caregivers who are working hard during these unprecedented times of remote learning. It offers story, teachings, art, and countless opportunity to learn in other subject areas such as math, science, writing, and of course, First Nations (Anishinaabe) culture.

Jackie’s book, Ikwe, has the Turtle, which represents Truth in the Seven Teachings. One could teach about the 13 Moons on the Turtle’s back for science, math and Anishinaabe culture. Another piece in the book is Prayers for Turtle Island. This image could be used to tell children the story of Turtle Island and to teach about protecting the environment as well as land stewardship. Jackie includes art for all of the Seven Teachings in her book. For each of these images, a child could write about how he or she has demonstrated that teaching whether it is by helping an Elder (Love & Respect), listening to a caregiver (Wisdom), or being brave (Courage). Or perhaps, Jackie’s work will stir the inner artist of other young Anishinaabe, First Nations (Indigenous), people.

Her book is published by Roseway Publishing which is part of Fernwood Publishing. It is available for purchase directly on their website: (FNT2T LLL has no affiliation to Fernwood Publishing). It’s always wonderful to support Indigenous artists. And we are grateful for the important work or artist like Jackie Traverse. She inspires many. Miigwetch! Renew and revitalize.

Ikwe Book Front Cover image source: Fernwood Publishing (website)

Last modified: December 19, 2020

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