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Anishinaabe Lands and Outdoor Activities

January 11, 2021

Treaty 2 Territory – Our Anishinaabe lands has brought us beautiful warm temperatures throughout the holidays and in to the new year! Many of our people have taken advantage of the warmer December and January weather. I’ve had the opportunity to spend time outdoors with Migiziins. Our favourite outdoor activity is outdoor skating. When I was 4 years old, my parents would take me to Ebb and Flow Lake with my younger brother, who was 3 years old​, for a skate on the ice. It was there where my younger brother and I learned to skate. Migiziins was thrilled to skate at the exact location where I learned at his age. 

Ice Skating at Eagle Island on Ebb and Flow Lake, Treaty 2 Territory

Visiting the trees and animals in the Duck Mountain, Treaty 2 Territory

As a parent, one thing I’ve passed on to my youngest child is our Anishinaabe teachings. Many people worry about climate change. Climate change is an ongoing occurrence. There are floods, dry spouts, excess snow, hot or cooler temperatures and so on. There is no need to worry! Anishinaabeg have been here on the land since time immemorial. We have adapted to the always changing climate, along with the animals, plants, and water. Normal temperatures in January are an average -20 degrees celsius. This January we’re seeing higher than normal temperatures. Today is expected to reach +2 degrees celsius. Embrace the weather! There are various outdoor activities out there. We are not restricted to staying indoors during the COVID-19 pandemic. Enjoy the outdoors while practicing social distancing and using precautions. Miigwech!! Makade Mukwa 2021.

Frost on a warm winter day, Gaagwekwekejiong – Treaty 2 Territory

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