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Men’s Council Supports Peacemaking process

January 22, 2021

Treaty 2 Territory – On Thursday, 22 January 2021, the Men’s Council received a virtual presentation on the Treaty 2 Territory Peacemaking framework by the FNT2T Peacemaking Circle. The Men’s Council and Peacemaking Circle discussed the failures of Canada’s current justice system that is demonstrated through the high crime, high incarceration, and recidivism rates. The Peacemaking framework was introduced, and information on each section of the framework was provided to the Men’s Council. The Men’s Council stressed the importance of including the Nation throughout the process and the need for understanding and accountability. The council informed the Peacemaking Team they approved of the model and look forward to the wellness centres.

The Peacemaking model is based on an Anishinaabe legal framework which includes spiritual, natural, customary, and human laws with the goal of Mino-Bimaadiziwin. It was discussed that Mino-Bimaadiziwin is in the center of the framework and will be incorporated in all components of the peacemaking process. The next component of the model is Natural Law including Chi-sh-wi-ding (harmony), Aang-wass-misin (peace), Mino-aani-gidoowin (balance), and Chi-nah-ni-chi-kan (natural order). The third inner circle is customary laws, and it was discussed that each community will have their own customary laws. Community Customary laws will be researched and gathered during the community engagement process. The outer circle of the model is human law which consists of community, territorial, provincial, and federal laws. Anishinaabe law will be pivotal in the creation of community and territorial laws.

The Peacemaking administrative process will begin with Bizhiw (Lynx) Circle who will be responsible for wellness promotion, education awareness, and support services. The Waawaashkeshi (Deer) Circle will be responsible for Restorative Peacemaking such as sharing circles, mediation, family group conferencing, and partake in sentencing circles. The Migizzi (Eagle) Circle will be responsible for land-based teachings, teachings, oral stories, wellness centres, and programming. The Migizzi (Eagle Circle) will consist of Elders, Knowledge Keepers, and Spiritual caregivers. The Mikinaak (Turtle) Circle will be responsible law creation and policy development. Upon the member not following through with their wellness plans, the law broken will be identified and officially charged with a criminal offence as recommended by the Waawaashkeshi (Deer Circle). The Makwa (Bear) Circle will be responsible for enforcing the laws, Probation services, and ensuring the community feels safe. The Mahng (Loon) and Ahjijawak (Crane) Circles will be responsible for the Anishinaabe Circles including family, criminal, and appeals court. The courts will utilize the Waawaashkeshi (Deer) Circle, wellness plans, and sentencing circles when sentencing. The Loon and Crane Circle will promote wellness and will use banishment as a last resort.

The Men’s Council provided positive feedback on the model and stated they look forward to it’s implementation. Currently, Covid-19 has been a temporary barrier, but not a blockade. As soon as restrictions are lifted, community engagement will begin in all interested communities. Leadership will be meeting with Canada in the next month to inform Canada the Anishinaabe people are ready to administer our own Peacemaking system and restore Mino-Bimaadiziwin.

Last modified: January 24, 2021

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