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Music in Anishinaabe Culture

January 29, 2021

Treaty 2 Territory – Music is a great way to express yourself. I’ve had the opportunity to perform along side some great entertainers from the other Treaty Territories from the Anishinaabe Nation, including right here in Treaty 2 Territory. Music helps us cope with many things. Some of us write, and compose songs, many of us may have certain feelings at a certain time and turn on a tune! We’re currently in a pandemic which is going on one year. Create a good playlist that helps you relax and empower yourself. You can have a good mix of music that could get you singing or get your toes tapping!

August 21st, 2021 will be the 150th Anniversary since the signing of Treaty 2. During this time, we will gather and take back what is rightfully ours as Anishinaabe people so that the last 150 years does not repeat itself. At that time, I’d like to encourage everyone to join our Arts & Entertainment Event. We have many Anishinaabe people fro our Territory who talented in Arts & Entertainment. We will showcase our people. More details to follow. Giche Miigwech!

Mousseau Brothers Band, AFN Gala Ottawa 2019

Malcolm and Mousseau Brothers Band, Ebb and Flow 2018

Mousseau Brothers Band and Shawn Mousseau, Treaty 2 Anniversary August 21st, 2020

Mousseau Brothers and Fiddle Legend Cousin Shawn Mousseau, Winnipeg 2017

Mousseau Brothers Band, Brandon 2018

Mousseau Brothers Band, Houston’s Night Club – Brandon 2019

Kevin Cockle (center) of Minneapolis, Minnesota and Lachelle Packulak (right) of Peguis First Nation.

Martin Desjarlais Band 2020 (L-R) Rylan (Treaty 2), Donavan (Treaty 1 & 2), Martin (Metis Nation), Ray (Treaty 2), Dan (Metis Nation)

Gator Beaulieu Band 2020 (L-R) Billy Joe Green (Treaty 3), Gator (Ebb and Flow, Treaty 2), Dan (Metis Nation), Ray (Treaty 2)

Mousseau Brothers Band with Megan Mowatt (Fisher River Cree Nation) and Lachelle Packulak (Peguis First Nation), FNT2T Government Building 2020

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