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Reclaiming laws; Children, Families and Nation at FNT2T

February 8, 2021

Treaty 2 Territory – Since the late 1970s, indigenous leadership have negotiated with both the federal and provincial governments on the provision of services for children. This relationship eventually turned into a system controlled by provincial laws, regulations and policies, with almost the complete exclusion of indigenous leadership and families in the design, direction and focus of programs and services for children and families in need of supports. This has led to over 11,000 children in care, and a combined federal – provincial budget of over $500 million annually on the maintenance of children away from their families. Indigenous children are highly overrepresented in this system and families face ongoing intergenerational trauma from the continued institutionalization of our children. It has been said that this provincially designed and enforced system of apprehension of children is similar to the residential school era from our colonized past.

The government of FNT2T is moving towards the renewal of our own indigenous systems of family and wellness to help dislodge ourselves from the provincial system. It is our belief that the reclamation of our natural laws and our customary ways of caring for one another can guide us to an effective transition from the broken provincial system of today, to a culturally relevant and empowered system of family wellness tomorrow. This will take time though and several areas of FNT2T need to come together to make this vision come to life. From the political leadership, to Knowledge Keepers advisors, to the technical experts in the many different areas of specific expertise within treaty 2; all parties will need to own part of the vision and move the work forward for the benefit of all children in the Treaty 2 territory.

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Children, Families and Nation Circle 

FNT2T (First Nations Treaty 2 Territory)

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