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Nations working together to make our homes safe

February 9, 2021

Treaty 2 Territory – With a history of house fires in our nations and most nations without firefighting capabilities, it is a problem that has been in our nations for decades. In the nation of Keeseekoowenin this is a similar problem. To start to address this situation, Keeseekoowenin Ojibway Nation and Rolling River First Nation are working together to train members of Keeseekoowenin to develop a volunteer fire department.

Doyle Wilson of Rolling River First Nation is helping develop the training for the firefighters. Doyle has years of experience as the Fire chief of Rolling River Fire Dept. This will be a start for Keeseekoowenin to have the training to respond to local fires in the nation. This is an example of how nations can work together to help one another in making our nations safe. FNT2T would like to thank the nations of Keeseekoowenin and Rolling River working together for the benefit of our nations.

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Scott Lynxleg

Regional Office Keeper – Dauphin

FNT2T (First Nations Treaty 2 Territory)

Last modified: February 9, 2021

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