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Government of FNT2T welcome Philip Paul-Martin as Internal/External Communications Keeper

February 12, 2021

Treaty 2 Territory – We would like welcome Philip Paul-Martin to the Government of FNT2T as Internal/External Communications Keeper. He comes to FNT2T with a long history as a journalist in various mediums as well as Communications, previously serving as a specialist, officer and Manager in communications and media relations.

His role internally will be to manage internal information so FNT2T will be able to publicize the work of our local nations and our government, locating information and data use in negotiations with Canada and other provincial entities. He will be involved in each of our seven circles as his role is to connect them all.

Externally, he will promote and connect the communication chain at various circles, tables.  He is responsible for media relations, preparing internal information gathered for broadcast via our own media outlet such as MTNLive and prepare to lift FNT2T’s profile to a national and international level.

He will also be assisting with preparation with various events we host and attend as well as handle various files involving our government and external relationships from our local nations to our nation and beyond.

He looks forward to working with all of you.

Please welcome Philip Paul-Martin to our Government of FNT2T.

Last modified: February 12, 2021

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