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FNT2T Regional Offices continuing engagement of the nations with the FNT2T Circles

February 13, 2021

Treaty 2 Territory – The beginning of February 2021 has started out as a cold one for the members in Treaty 2 Territory. Regional Offices – Dauphin/Pinaymootang have been busy during this cold spell. Over the past while Regional Offices have continued to work with the Local Nation Helpers in engaging the members of FNT2T on governance and asking the knowledge keepers for their input into the Natural World and how we can protect it. The Local Nation Helpers completed their 5 day safety training on Feb 04,2021 at The Earth Lodge. On Feb04,2021 Regional Office Dauphin attended a zoom meeting with Gambler Chief Dave Ledoux on the development of their Brandon Economic Development zone in Brandon Mb and will continue to work with Gambler Nation in this economic venture.

The Regional Offices are working with the Child and Family Nation Circle in engaging the knowledge keepers in how we can develop our own local laws in the nations instead of the current CFS system in place in which indigenous children make up the majority of children in care. Please look for information on engagement for the local constitutions, child and family laws, nation development. Ask your Local Nation Helper for more information on the engagement in the nations.


Local Nation Helpers:

Keeseekooweenin              – Stephanie Swain-Lathlin

Ochichakosipi                      – Louie (Tommy) Hunter

Skownan                              – Kendra Kakewash

Little Saskatchewan          – Rhonda Parenteau

Pinaymootang                    – Trevor Anderson

Gambler                                – Rose Ledoux

Dauphin River                     – Yolanda Thompson


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Scott Lynxleg

Last modified: February 13, 2021

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