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The CPNW Circle met to strategize and prioritize issues that affect our territory

February 18, 2021

Treaty 2 Territory – As with any other government, COVID 19 severely hampered our ability to fulfill and complete our 2019-2020 workplan and mandate. The safety of our nations especially our Elders and Knowledge Keepers was and is paramount. Although we lost Elders and Knowledge Keepers during the pandemic, precautionary measures put in place by our nations to protect its members have proven to be successful.

As the CPNW Circle moves into the new year will be doing so with a new chair. Chief McKay from Tootinaowaziibeeng will be chairing the CPNW Circle moving forward as portfolio Chief from the Governing Council. Former chair, Councillor Darren Mousseau from Ebb and Flow has welcomed Chief McKay to CPNW Circle and will continue on as a representative from his nation as well as continue with his role of Chairperson of the Men’s Council.  Darren has been and continues to be a fierce advocate for unity as well as our Inherent Rights and we look forward to his continued contributions to the CPNW Circle. With Chief Mckay accepting the role of Chairperson, the CPNW will now have a direct link to the Executive Council and Governing Council.

The relationship with the Province of Manitoba continues to be non existent and will be a barrier going forward. This is nothing new to us so we have some experience in persevering through these times. In spite of this, the CPNW Circle will continue to work to the benefit of the Anishinaabek of Treaty 2.

The CPNW Circle has strong, knowledgeable active representatives from our nations. Their contributions continue to drive and push issues forward to ensure our rights as Anishinaabek are front and centre. While each of our nations are faced with different issues relative to their locations within our Treaty area, discussions of unity and support remain a priority for the members and the Circle. Future meetings will further define how we can continue to support each other as we defend our Inherent Rights and our territory. There are enough enemies outside or our realm without us having to turn on one another, infighting only gives credence to other governments and the true enemy.

The Governing Council had a meeting with the Minister of Natural Resources Canada, Minister O’Regan to discuss the CPNW Workplan and budget. Commitments have been made to work towards a resolution on this issues that were identified by the government of FNT2T.

The CPNW Circle will be returning back to monthly meetings, some of which will be in person as we prepare for the 2020-2021 fiscal year. There are no shortage of issues that need addressing and with only 2 staff people to support the Circle it is fair to say some things will be left undone or delayed.

One of the pressing issues for our territory will be the annual spring spawn on lake Dauphin. The province walked away from a long-established Senior Officials Forum, which was seen as an accommodation measure to the conservation closure initiated by the crown in early 2000. The consensus is if the province walked away from an accommodation measure it is fair to assume a conservation closure is no longer warranted. This position has been conveyed to provincial fisheries representatives’ numerous times. Stay tuned for more information on this matter.

Other issues of importance in our territory are the moose closures as well as Louisiana Pacific’s 20-year Forest Management License renewal. Obviously, there are more issues that can be identified and each will dominate discussions as we move forward.

In closing, we ask our members to be cautious, exercise and take precautionary measures to protect yourselves, your families and your nations.

Last modified: February 18, 2021

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