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Ininiiwag (Men) Council protect bundle of rights agenda –“Peacemaking, Children Families & Nation and Governmental Developments”

February 19, 2021

Treaty 2 Territory – The Men’s Council met Thursday 18 February 2021 to have key discussions on peacemaking, governmental progress, treasury and administration and Children, Families and Nation law development.

The Men’s Council received a mandate from the Grand Council to formulate action plans in peacemaking – The nation-based process, engagement and law underway.

Ken Catcheway opened up the Council with an opening prayer and greetings.  “As protector’s we seek honourable ethics, when it comes to our lands.” Our Aki is highly regarded as the main source of mino-bimaadiziiwin this connection compels us to always work toward a healthier self-determined government, for all our local nations,” It’s a heavy task for us all, so we rely on our ways to get spiritual guidance and support”.

Most recently, the Men’s Council launched plans to ‘engage our nation’ which includes distributing surveys and questionnaires to local Nations through the Regional Offices with the support of the Local Nation helpers.

“We have a great team. right now, our challenges to respectfully engage, and lacking the opportunity to have in-person meeting’s “The ability to connect with our knowledge keepers, members and everybody in the Nation is so important yet we are doing what we can to connect virtually in light of COVID restrictions”, said Chairperson Darren Mousseau.

Customary law is passed on generation to generation, this legal connection is sacred and obligatory to our lands, our legacy, and our way of life. The elements of any Anishinaabe Law Framework will define the purpose, governing powers and the role of FNT2T is to make sure that the framework is structured.

The Treasury and Administration Law gives FNT2T the roadmap and shows Canada that we are well poised to manage macro transfer payments that will flow directly from Canada’s Treasury. It provides a solid foundation in accountable governing functions of the treasury and administration circle. It will support fiscal policy and procedures that will guide sound decision making and planning.

The Children, Families and Nation circle spent some time updating the Council. The inherent rights of the child, as opposed to the ‘interests’ of the Child become paramount in the contemplation in the development of the law. This distinction prompts relying on natural ways of caregiving while also the inclusivity of international covenants and declarations on the rights of the Child.

The Peacemaking circle presented the resolution that was passed by the Governing Council last week. The decision outlined the establishment of a Territorial Peacemaking Circle with mandated objectives to create the Anishinaabe Peacemaking system, culturally appropriate approaches with strong linkages to the local Nations as part of the implementation of the seven circles of Peacemaking which are comprised of:

  • The Lynx Circle responsible for Wellness Promotion;
  • The Deer Circle responsible for Restorative peacemaking;
  • The Eagle Circle responsible for Wellbeing centres and Healing Lodges and land-based activities;
  • The Turtle Circle responsible for Law and policy creation;
  • The Bear Circle responsible for Peacekeeping, Safety and Search and Rescue;
  • The Loon Circle responsible for Criminal and Family Circles (Courts), and
  • The Crane Circle responsible for Appeals.

Peacemaking is founded on the Anishinaabe traditional framework with guiding ancestral principles of Aang-waa-misin (Peace), Mino-aani-gidoowin (Balance), Chi-sh-wi-ding (Harmony) and Chi-nah-ni-chi-kan (Natural Order). The Government of FNT2T will work with each Local Nation to establish their own distinction-based and local nation-led Peacemaking Circle to restore Mino-Bimaadiziwin in the Nation.

“We need to honour our lawmaking power and the framework does not only provides governing rules it provides political recognition” Yes, we are mindful that we don’t need Canada to recognize that we have this inherent ability to make laws”, Leroy Thompson.

Last modified: February 26, 2021

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