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Children, Families and Nation Circle update for 12 March 2021

March 12, 2021

Treaty 2 Territory – Children, Families and Nation Circle (The CFN team) has been busy with finalizing a draft CFN Law and attending many meetings with Canada, Manitoba, FNT2T Councils and some First nations communities. CFN/FNT2T had 2 Aboriginal presenters; 1 from Manitoba on a Family Wellness Model and 1 from Alberta on a CFS Law making process. CFN has been working very closely with the Peacemaking Circle & the Earth Lodge. The CFN team now has a CFN Lead Operations Keeper – Lois Stoll, welcome Ms. Stoll. CFN has also had 2 introductory meetings with Data Management Companies which are positioned to help Treaty 2 design and implement a data management system. The companies will follow up with demonstration presentations soon. A decision will be made thereafter as to which company will best serve the needs of FNT2T & CFN specifically.

Ongoing meetings with Canada have been progressive on many issues, however a few more crucial items have yet to be ironed out. A Coordination Agreement with Canada remains the goal and is still a Work-In-Progress. A draft CFN Workplan has been submitted to FNT2T Treasury and Administration.

The new CFN Operations Keeper has been busy getting up to speed with the CFN team and various FNT2T Councils. A 2-day CFN strategic planning session is being planned in the very near future which will help shape the focus of steps into the future. Community Engagement sessions on CFN will begin in Mid-April and this will mark the formal vetting of the draft law.

 The drafting document of the law was submitted to FNT2T on March 5, 2021 for review, consideration and editing. It contains 10 parts, including:

  • Inherent rights of the Anishinaabe child;
  • Promotion of wellness (which replaces the colonial notion of prevention);
  • Mino Ombigii’aa (which replaces the colonial notion of ‘best interests’);
  • Intervention (which replaces the colonial notion of apprehension);
  • Private Guardianship (to permit prospective guardians to formally apply for legal guardianship of a child, or for anyone, including grandparents, to apply for access to a child);
  • Confidentiality requirements;
  • Rules of evidence at the Loon and Crane Circle tribunals;
  • Critical incident reporting;
  • jurisdiction; and
  • administration

Submitted by: CFN Team – Lois Stoll, Desiree Dorion, Derek Nepinak, John Miswagon, Savannah Stagg, Dakota Marsden

Last modified: April 21, 2021

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