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FNT2T Regional offices and Children, Families and Nation Circle meet to discuss nation engagement

March 12, 2021

Treaty 1 Territory – On March 10,2021 FNT2T Regional Offices and FNT2T Children, Families and Nation Circle met at the FNT2T Winnipeg office located on Swan Lake First Nation office complex in Headingly, Mb. The focus of the meeting was engagement of all members in the FNT2T government. With Covid pandemic restrictions still in place in most nations, engagement of the members is difficult. Strategies of engagement were discussed, how to engage the members safely, how to engage all members of each nation in the rural settings, how to engage the knowledge keepers safely was a top priority of the discussion.

There are plans to have engagement in each nation safely, as restrictions are eased. The engagement process will be online and when safe to do so, in small engagement groups with proper safeguards in place. The local nation helpers in each nation will be a vital part, in helping organize and plan the engagement sessions with the FNT2T circles. Please contact your local nation helper in your nation for more information, posters, radio ads.

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Scott Lynxleg

Regional Office Keeper – Dauphin

FNT2T (First Nations Treaty 2 Territory)

Last modified: March 24, 2021

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