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Treaty 2 Territory Mino Bimaadiziiwin Ancestral Law Development Process Continues

April 28, 2021

Treaty 2 Territory – Greetings, Since April 16th, the Health and Wellbeing Keeper continues to learn, build relationships and provide updates to the Women’s Council, the Knowledge Council, and the Youth Council on the draft Health and Wellbeing workplan. The Keeper received excellent suggestions and looks forward to more in-depth meetings for guidance and direction from the Councils on how to and who to engage within Treaty 2 Territory and identify priorities to be included in the Law development.

The immediate goal of the Health and Wellbeing Keeper is to establish a Mino Bimaadiziiwin Ancestral Law-making process for Health and Wellbeing based on a strong Anishinaabe foundation.  The ultimate goal of the Law is to restore the health and well-being of Anishinaabe citizens in Treaty 2 Territory.

The Keeper also had the opportunity to meet with internal FNT2T Keepers and Helpers last week to review and fine tune the draft workplan and strategic priorities.  It is important that this work be guided by the community voices and Knowledge Keepers. As such, the Keeper continues to plan for engagement and connecting with Local Nations, Health Experts, Knowledge Keepers and Councils to guide and direct the development of the Ancestral Law for Health and Wellbeing.

The highlight of the Keeper’s meetings was last Thursday, April 22nd, where the Keeper met with Allen Sutherland from the Earth Lodge for advice and direction to plan for the work ahead.  The Keeper’s vision of the workplan is to base it on Treaty 2 Territory Ancestral Laws, the lands, practices and way of life. Excellent advice and guidance was provided by the Earth Lodge Keeper.   One of the next steps is to set up a health and wellbeing structure including two Circles: a Traditional Healers and Knowledge Keepers Circle and a Health Directors Circle.

The Health and Wellbeing Ancestral Law development process will also guide Treaty 2 Territory in the engagement of co-development of federal Indigenous Health Legislation announced in January 2021 by the Minister of Indigenous Services Canada, Marc Miller.  In follow up to the November 2020 meeting among the Ogichidaa Eugene Eastman and Minister Marc Miller, the Keeper is working with the Lead Policy Keeper to draft a letter to the Senior Officials of Indigenous Services Canada to ensure FNT2T is included in the engagement process. It is being reiterated that as Nation-to-Nation partners, we need to co-develop Indigenous Health Legislation that will be in line with Treaty 2 Territory Mino Bimaadiziiwin Ancestral Laws.

To ensure the Health and Wellbeing workplan and law development process is in line and interconnected to the work of the other Circles such as Peacemaking, Life Long Learning, Children Families and Nation, Care and Protection Natural World, the Health and Wellbeing Keeper will meet one on one with them to learn more about their draft law making and Treaty 2 Territory engagement processes.




Kim McPherson,

Health and Wellbeing Keeper



Health and Wellbeing


Last modified: April 29, 2021

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