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Peacemaking’s Mikinaak Circle to Create an Anishinaabe Law Centre and Registrar

May 14, 2021

Treaty 2 Territory – The Mikinaak Circle of Peacemaking is beginning to take form and it is responsible for administering the Anishinaabe Law Centre and Peacemaking Registrar. Anishinaabe culture teaches the turtle represents the value of truth as it holds the laws of the universe on its back. The Mikinaak Circle is responsible for ensuring the Anishinaabe Law Centre and Peacemaking Registrar is transparent, efficient, and professional.

The Mikinaak Circle, which is already in movement, is responsible for the Anishinaabe Law Centre that will research and drafts laws for the Treaty 2 Territory. As Peacemaking evolves, there will be many laws that will be researched, drafted, and submitted to the Peacemaking Governing Circle for review. The Mikinaak Circle will draft criminal, civil, family, and local nation bylaws and ensure the law promotes Mino-Bimaadiziwin. Prior to drafting the law, the Mikinaak Circle will conduct local engagements, consult with the Knowledge Council and other FNT2T Councils. The Turtle Circle will submit draft laws to the Peacemaking Governing Circle for approval, which then will be presented to the Grand Council for ratification.

Once a law is passed by the Grand Council, the Mikinaak Circle will file the law to the Peacemaking Registrar for registration and publication. The Peacemaking Registrar is responsible for filing laws, policies, procedures, agreements, and Circle (Judicial) Orders. The Peacemaking Registrar will be accessible to the nation and will provide electronic version as well as a hardcopy of any law upon request. As it is the way of the Anishinabek, the Mikinaak is restored and will continue to be the holder of truth and law.

Submitted By: Chantell Barker, Operations Keeper, Peacemaking Circle

Last modified: May 14, 2021

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